Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yay me!

Guess what? I learned how to get out of my playpen! See, my human bought me a little swimming pool to use as a playpen a few days ago, and decided to put me in it . As she was watching me run around in it, I had a great idea! What if I just climbed over the short wall and went to find someplace to hide?  So, I was climbing out when the plan went wrong. I had hoped she wouldn't notice that I was climbing out ( yeah right, but one could always hope), but she did.  I pulled myself out and ran to my blankie that she had left on the floor.  My human pulled me out, and put me back in my playpen. I know, now my human will watch me when I am in my swimming pool playpen (she does anyway). But I still learned to climb out, and now I have fun watching her try to catch me before I get out.

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